superbowl commercials

In the beginning of the commercials it was all about m&ms but the purpose of the video is to buy M&Ms because there so good. Also luck has nothing to do with anything. The commercial did not really show both sides of anything there was only one stance to this commercial because they are only trying to get you to buy one thing which is M&Ms. The video was pretty effective it just shows that you do not have to be lucky to get M&Ms its by choice.

I found this commercial funny and one of the best ones. The purpose of this video was to show how good the drink and chips because they mix well together since they were both famous it was a better chance for people to buy them. There was two perspectives and both of them were really great and showing what you can get from both. The video was effective because they both play in society with the music also the people.

I found this commercial one of the best ones. The purpose of this video was for people to buy a ram & the message is that everyone can do what other people can because they have a soul. This commercial shows two stance one at the end when the actual company shows the truck and the other when Martin Luther king Jr  shows anyone can do anything.


The first thanksgiving is when the pilgrims invited the native Americans to have a big meal with them. when thanksgiving was first a holiday it was celebrated a for three days. It involved eating, hunting and some other things. One of the things that they did not eat is turkey,pumpkin pie and potatoes.The pilgrims did not plan on celebrating thanksgiving until George Washington announced it was a national holiday. during thanksgiving my family and i get together at my cousins house which is in Indiana.we usually eat ham,turkey,mashed potatoes,corn,and some other good foods.One of the things my family looks forward to all the time on thanksgiving is going black Friday shopping. We also play some games, listen to music. I’m thankful for a lot of things like my home,family, food & most IMPORTANTLY my dad. My favorite part of thanksgiving are the deserts. One of my favorite desserts is pecan pie.

positive current news

This passage is mainly about an= 7-eleven in Texas wants to start selling makeup products such as eye shadow pallets,blushers,highlighters and much more. i think that this passage is one-sided because it only focuses on releasing the makeup products but it doesn’t say that the makeup could be unsanitized or could cause infections on the costumers face. i think that this passage was positive because if you need to buy makeup you do not need to waste a lot of money trying to buy it especially if you need makeup ASAP. i think that selling makeup at a 7-eleven  is a good idea other than the fact that there could be things in the makeup that could possibly cause infections in the eyes or skin. it could be really unhealthy. if that does happen they could also face a lawsuit and i don’t think they would want that. if you read this then i just want you to ask yourself what products are you going to put on your face.